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(Github) Update Log - shatterwares.com

RegUpd 74 [12.17.2023]

// ✧ ShWHP

- Started making context menus for ShWPH.

// ⧉ ShWMicro

- Minor adjustments.

// ⧉◈ MineSweeper

- Removed console logs.

The mission_

Jacob Namyslak, aka Starstruck or jakubekgranie is a 16 year old apprentice at ZSEk Opole. Endeavouring for vast wisdom and brain power, he aims for becoming a perfection and attaining ultimate expertise by hard work.


Languages: the keys

Languages serve as my trump cards: they are like limbs for every programmer. And I am no exception! Here you can review the aforementioned.


Languages: the stats

Well, maybe they are aces in my sleeve, but how effective am I really, dare You to question? Well, see below!

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ShatterWares Project Hub

We are so back! Here, at the new ShWPH section, You can preview my or friend's pieces of code.

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